Tuesday, 27 March 2012

Interdressage without a bit......

OK, so I have been playing around with the bosal on Gandalf for a while now. Absolutely fine on hacks, no problems with the brakes. So today I thought I'd try to do the ID test in it. As soon as he got into the "arena" (grassy bit of commune land over the road) he wanted to canter, every time I asked for trot he tried to shoot off, I thought perhaps I'd need to go back for his Myler.......but after a few minutes he started to relax and listen to me and we got a nice rhythm going. So I did a few run throughs of the test (which includes leg yield) this afternoon, then took him back home to have some thinking time (and wait for Ali to get back from school to film us).

Then we went back out there, same thing, can I eat? No, can I rush off then? But got him listening again, and went for a take. It's not great, but there were moments when he was softening nicely and not rushing so we'll enter it and see what feedback we get. As you can see, the leg yield isn't  nailed either, he finds it especially hard towards the left, work in progress.

Discovered that although these HD videos on my new camera take AGES to upload, you can get decent stills from them!

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