Sunday, 18 March 2012

A Rallye in the rain

It hasn't rained here for weeks, so of course because we were off to do a rallye today (an organised ride followed by a slap up meal) the heavens opened, naturally....

Team Horsetales wasn't too bothered at the start....

....but it rained and rained, and the girls were cold and miserable by the time we got to the casse croute.

Think they've gone native, no Stiff Upper Lip in sight. I quite liked it, reminded me of my childhood, riding in the rain......
Anyway, with some food and drink on board, they perked up. We got overtaken by a vintage car rally

and rode up some great (if somewhat muddy) tracks

Choccy rolled in (and ate) some choice brown stuff, and ran through lots of puddles.....

in fact by the end of the ride, you couldn't really see her hi viz vest. Then it was back to base for the meal, which was fabulous

and a spot of line dancing, the SNO was quite keen on this.....!

So a great day out, thanks to our friends Jo and Stewart and the Association PINCE who organised it.

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Martine said...

Looks like fun :D

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