Friday, 17 February 2012

A black horse for a change.....

My next project looks like being Tess's Merens mare, Organza. She has had a bit of a difficult journey with her horse, because Tess isn't a particularly strict person and Organza is a bossy, dominant control freak.....As Chester has gone back home I have a bit of time to help out with Organza now and I went up to ride her today.

The eventual aim is to get her hacking out alone, which she hates. Shes also not keen on going out and leaving her friend Coquinette behind. So we are starting off with her going out with Tess on Gandalf just calmly at a walk most of the time.

As there is room for only one bossy dominant control freak in my life (me) I had to make a few things clear from the start, like if I leave you standing somewhere, you don't wander off and eat grass (got me a grumpy look) and when I lead you to the mounting block you don't swing your arse around (rebellious look) and we stand still until asked to move off (mutinous look). Also, if Gandalf goes off ahead you wait nicely (murderous look, some skittering about) and you do have to go ahead of him sometimes (how slow can I walk...... what, you want me to trot?!), and looking at stuff funny and going sideways in the hope that such behaviour means we can go home now results in having to do shoulder in (what, on both reins?!)

Apart from that, good as gold ;-)


Mike Short said...

Is it any wonder she has ME so well trained?

English Rider said...

A few more people like you and the world would be a better place.

Di said...

LOL, Organza has no chance!! Good for you!

Martine said...

LOL, brill, do you want to come down here & sort out Flurry while I can't ride??

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