Sunday, 26 February 2012

A jumping competition

Just got back from our first experience of a CSO (SJ) comp here, Hollie was entered in the 50cm clear round class and we took Fina along for the experience.

They travelled in style, and we could keep an eye on them the whole way!
As we arrived early, I asked the organisers if Ali could take Fina in the collecting ring before the competitors and they said no problem, so Ali popped her over the practise jumps, she was good as gold......
They said she could stay in when the others arrived so she got used to other horses flying past her all over the place too. She was particularly taken with a big Fjord gelding......
Then we took her over to watch a few rounds in the arena, she seemed to be taking it all in......

Polo and Hollie went in to do their round but unfortunately Polo didn't seem very keen at all, he kept trying to run out and they eventually got disqualified, but Hollie finished the round and got him over everything eventually! It was his first show though and I'm sure he'll be better next time.

Some of the French kids seemed somewhat overhorsed and a fair few of them hit the deck and the horse went careering off round the arena, but it was very well organised and the first class was all done and dusted by 10.30.
There's another one next month north of Bordeaux, so we will give that a go and enter them both.

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Martine said...

Looks like home except you have to travel a lot further for your competitions. There is a registered show within an hour of us every weekend during the season, and back in the days when the kids were jumping we were there, week in, week out!

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