Wednesday, 15 February 2012

Riding lessons....

Continuing the quest to find a decent place for the girls to have lessons here that is less than an hour's drive away, we tried a new riding school today, run by an English friend of a friend.

Very small, only 10 or so horses, no sand school, nothing clever, but run by a BHSAI called Louise who is very nice, teaches well and has endless patience for the SNO "Can I trot now, can I, can I?"
Ali rode a nice big horse called, erm, Angey (?), bit bigger than she's used to!
But she enjoyed her lesson on him

Then it was Éowyn's turn riding Mickey. Right from the start she kept saying " Can I trot now?". Louise was very patient with her.....but eventually she did get to trot and she laughed a lot.....

So I have signed them up for a term's lessons, very reasonable prices too, their website is here.

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