Saturday, 25 February 2012

A day off!

The OH made it home this weekend for one of his rare visits so I got the day away from the SNO, a absolute luxury......

Went out this morning with Ali and Fina, rode Chester in his Western saddle which is possibly the most uncomfortable saddle I have ever sat in. Nice little amble (for me, gotta watch the back) by the river, Ali and Fina (and Choccy) did some hooleying and jumping

Then this afternoon went up to ride Gandalf out with Tess. His new saddle has arrived, and it's a lot more comfy than Ches's!! Organza was a good girl, we even managed to stretch the elastic a bit and got her five whole vine rows away from us :-)

And the best thing about today? No small (but insistent and loud) voice saying "mummy I need a poo!" ......

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Martine said...

Hee hee, our small and insistent voice used to say "I'm fiiiiiiniiiiished" which meant you had to come & do the necessary with the bog roll!!
Long long ago now..... she's mortified when we remind her, evil parents that we are :D:D

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